Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sloth and Lust

Yeah, yeah... so I haven't been updating this. Thing is, I just wanted this blogger blog so I could link to ravelry and the whole world wouldn't read all my personal crap. But life is 95% personal topics, and I have a hard time doubling up on my entries in two separate blogs.

Besides -- my knitting life has definitely taken a back seat to school and work at the moment. I started knitting another newsboy cap for myself, and tried to use up some of my stash of Red Hart casual cot'n. But I just couldn't do it! The hat sits there half finished and I hate the look of the yarn and don't want to touch it. I think I'm going to frog it this weekend. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing with all that gross yarn in my stash. I was thinking of making a load of mug cozies for friends this christmas. Even if they were prone to noticing fiber content, nobody is going to be insulted over a mug cozy. Scientific impossibility.

The plastic bag bag sits unfinished. Once the weather turned murky I felt compelled to spend my time handling much cozier materials.

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from knitpicks, completely ignoring my yarn abstinence pledge. (they always SAY abstinence doesn't work!) I received knitpick essential sockyarn in black and meadow, only to realize that I don't have DPNs small enough to work with them! I decided on getting a set, of course, to maximize efficiency and cost (etc) and THEN decided to get a few more skeins for the free shipping. And THEN I decided that since I had chosen aluminum (I'd probably break such tiny needles, were they wood), I should probably get a WIP holder since I didn't want my projects sliding off the needles in my bag.

I'm feeling guilty but excited.

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