Monday, November 26, 2007

Finished 'Vog On's! Started Jayne Cobb Hat!

Here are my finished socks! I love them, but I think from now on I'm going to go down a needle size for whatever is listed in the pattern - I think I'm a fairly loose knitter.
Finished Vog Ons!

I've also nearly finished the Jayne Cobb hat for my boyfriend, but found that following the directions led me far astray - so I'm going to finish up the earflaps (I've only got one left) and then attempt a surgical procedure at the color change. I'm thinking of picking apart the hat, putting the top on needles, ripping out a few inches of the orange, knitting half an inch of yellow, and then use kitchener's stitch to graft them together. Yeeeeaaaah.... maybe just ripping half of it apart WOULD be less work... ugh.

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