Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Destashing

I spent... ::drum roll:: 108 dollars. Non knitters would think that's outrageous, knitters on the other hand, would recognize a modicum of self restraint in a room full of marked down mill ends. I got:
Blue Moon F.A. Red Alpaca, Wool, and Silk Blend GRAB BAG
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Falcons Eye Silkmo
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Undertoe Ribbon Yarn
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, LunaSea Peru
Blue Moon, Socks the Rock Lightweight, Spindel
Blue Moon, Socks the Rock Lightweight, Fire on the Mountain
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Fire on the Mountain Kidmo
Isn't it EXCITING! My stash is now crawling out of the 'humiliation' category! I now have more knittable yarn than red hart and eyelash crap! Yay!

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