Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the closet

I've got a new obsession that seriously detracts from my knitting time, and I'm honestly too embarrassed by it to 'fess up. I haven't even put my Christmas stuff up on ravelry yet!

I did spend enough time in the knitting headspace to decide that I was going to give up on giving that Zoe bag to my friend that got married last AUGUST and just make her a newsboy cap. The one I made from the Stitch n' Bitch book gets a lot of raves. I could even use up that chocolate brown Lamb's Pride - though I think I ought to line it with something less itchy if it's going to be a gift.

And then... ugh... I have to start worrying about making something nice for my other friend who's getting married this September. What's WITH everyone? What makes me the most sad is how we've grown apart, and while I still count her as one of my best friends I'm not even a little bit a part of her wedding. It was enough to make me mourn to the boyfriend, whom I love dearly, but perhaps not as much as my dreams of joining the peace corps, "I'll never be a bridesmaid OR a bride..."

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